An artist's career is a vision quest, answering to a calling, making his mark by creating series
of works that becomes a treasure map of discovering beauty, mystery, human connections,
spiritual awakenings. Going through the different phases of Joseph Synn Kune Loh’s art is like
seeing a documentary of his creative life through entering a private collection unveiling its
hidden treasures.
He began his journey by doing graduate study in psychology at Queen's University in the 1970s.
After a trip to Paris, inspired by what he saw in the museums and galleries, propelled by an
awakening experience, he made a leap into the unknown, leaving Queen's to study at the Ontario
College of Art in Toronto. He called that period of his life as going from "searching in the dark" 
to "seeking the light"  which became the hallmark of his work.

Influenced by Morris Louis and Paul Jenkins, Loh’s first series had only five "monochromatic"
paintings. The technique was pouring paint over unprimed canvas to capture a moment in time as
a form or a shape.

Not satisfied by the accidental nature of the technique, becoming more skilled in controlling the
medium, he began an exploration of a theme that was most common to young Chinese artists of
his time – searching for a contemporary interpretation of classical Chinese landscape paintings.

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